Teaching is an important part of scholarly life and often the most effective way for scholars to connect with interested students and share information about the topic they love. I have experience assisting in the instruction of a variety of college-level courses taught traditionally and online. In addition to my work as a teaching assistant, I have also created the instructor’s manual for a college-level textbook on the United States Congress.

Teaching Materials Prepared
Theriault, Sean M. and Mickey Edwards. 2019. Congress: The First Branch. New York: Oxford University Press.
Prepared instructor’s manual including the following for each chapter of ten chapters:
– 80 questions (multiple choice, short answer, and essay)
– Lecture slides
– Class activities and lecture suggestions
– Supporting online materials

Head Teaching Assistant
American Government (Online)

  1. Spring 2018
  2. Fall & Spring 2017
  3. Fall 2016

Teaching Assistant
Congressional Elections

  1. Fall 2018

American Government

  1. Summer 2016
  2. Spring 2016 - Lectured on Federalism
  3. Fall 2015 - Lectured on Civil Rights

Politics of Health

  1. Spring 2019